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FIFA block Arsenal's goal-line plan

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FIFA block Arsenal's goal-line plan

Post  1892NUFF on Wed Jul 27, 2011 6:40 am

FIFA have blocked Arsenal's plan to use goal-line technology during the Emirates Cup even though it is only a friendly tournament.

The Gunners want to use it for their matches against Boca Juniors and New York Red Bulls but FIFA blocked the unofficial trial.

"You need permission to use it and we didn't get it," said Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

"I think they do not want to start to have a different set of rules here and there and I understand that.

"The good news is they are open to it and it looks like in the next World Cup we will have it."

Trials surrounding the technology were reopened by FIFA president Sepp Blatter after last year's World Cup, during which England's Frank Lampard was denied a clear goal against Germany and Wenger said he is fully in favour of bringing it into the game.

"You want it so you have a better chance to make the right decisions," Wenger said.

"You know it could be a help for the referees. The more help they get, the more decisions they get right. If out of 100 decisions they get 95 right instead of 85, you have to use technology.

"To reduce the number of mistakes as much as possible, I'm happy you can use it. And I would like to use it for more than goal-line (incidents), but it's a first step," he added.

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Re: FIFA block Arsenal's goal-line plan

Post  wolfie on Thu Jul 28, 2011 5:00 am

With the amount of money riding on football these days, goal line technology and instant replays for the ref to see, should be already in force but it hasn't happened because too many people are making too much money out of the game .

It's clear to see that the bigger teams get the rub of the green from the ref, especially at home and teams that could have stole a game with clear cut goals have had them chalked off as well as the bigger teams getting penalties which are ridiculous in the extreme.

If this technology was brought in, it would even the game up and make for a better event regardless of certain people saying it would slow the game down as a spectacle. I disagree because a replay is instant as we know and a decision can be made very quickly with the ref simply viewing the screen.

Fair enough, it might add 10 minutes onto a game overall but that benefits the fans as well as the fans knowing that the game was played fairly and no dubious decisions have cost them a game they could have won or drew.

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