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do you own a pet/pets

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do you own a pet/pets

Post  wolfie on Sun May 29, 2011 11:00 pm

i have a dog,a border collie/cross german shepherd and hes a nutter lol, im sure he tries to talk....honestly...i think the only thing stopping him, is the shape of his mouth hahaha

like most dogs in a family, they tend to take on the mentality of the owners dont always carrying on with mine and ive turned him daft, but fun daft not vicious....

the thing is though hes a good guard dog in terms of alerting to anyone coming near the house and his bark is enough to put anyone off thinking of trying to break in...

when he was a pup, i used to have fun fights with him and what not and naturally hes taken to me as the master.......

the thing is...he bullies our lass hahaha..

hes a bit spoilt....and if im out and our lass is in....the dog will start talking to her....a sort of ...woo wiii woo wahhh type thing ......he pesters her...and she shouts ....WHAT ....the dog then goes to the kitchen and looks up at the cupboard....THE ONE WITH THE BISCUITS IN ...i kid you not...... and i dont mean dog biscuits either lol...

now cos the dog bullies our lass, our lass is constantly telling him off.....which makes the dog bully her more .........and she has to give in .....

it doesnt matter how much she shouts at him, he will not give in and will sort of shout back in his own way...

the thing is...if i tell him off lol....he walks away...turns to me and does a little woooooo.........more or less to say.......twat.......then he will lay down and turn his head away from me sulking


howay tell us about your pets and their antics lol

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Re: do you own a pet/pets

Post  Guest on Sun May 29, 2011 11:13 pm

we have a dog its a jack russell called Star. we have only had her for 7 weeks. she loves playing with her tennis balls. never without one. sometimes when i take her for a walk she runs off and i cant catch her she is that fast haha. at the moment she has a very bad paw. can hardly put her foot down.


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Re: do you own a pet/pets

Post  1892NUFF on Sun May 29, 2011 11:14 pm

we have a cat called tigga, who recently had to have some stitches as he was chased by the in laws dogs that we are looking after and he cut his back leg open

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Re: do you own a pet/pets

Post  arfa the mag on Sun May 29, 2011 11:20 pm

i have a very large german shepard, he is great with kids and part of the family, i will post a pic of him later.
arfa the mag

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Re: do you own a pet/pets

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