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players this season/marks out of ten

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players this season/marks out of ten

Post  wolfie on Mon May 30, 2011 12:17 am

looking back over the full season..what marks out of 10 would you give the players for their overall contribution to the team...your own personal opinion based on what YOU have seen....
steve harper....played his part and didnt let the team down, still an accomplished keeper for me 7/10

tim krull......for his age and how he is learning and coming on, i think hes done a pretty decent job between the sticks,coming in for harper and especially coming back after being dropped...7/10

coloccini......overall, i think hes has a fantastic season and has turned into the player that the club paid 10 million for, he is has been assured and is skilful with the ball at his feet 9/10

williamson............ i think the lad has been fairly steady in his fist season for us in the prem , hes a no nonesense defender and chalk and cheese with colo...but apart from the odd mistakes and being caught out now and again, i think hes done reasonably well and can get better...7/10

steven taylor....... never played much , but when he has came in and got up to speed, i think hes been a tower of strength and chipped in with goals as well and i can see a very good season for him next season, injury permitting....7/10

enrique........well what can i say.. hes been fantastic for us for most of the season with maybe the occasional blip here and there....if theres a stronger left back in this league, let me know......i think hes played a big part for us this season and i hope he stays....9/10

danny simpson......the jury is still out with me on this lad....hes a good player but ive seen many times when hes been skinned and out of position ...i think he can get better so like i say, time will tell, but potential is there... 6/10

jonas guiterrez.....some fans dont care for him and hes normally blamed for a lot of things, which i think is unfair on him really..... what some people dont see, is what he does off the ball in tracking back and chasing lost causes ...we know his end product often frustrates but some fans concentrate on just that .....what gets me is, some fans think his game is all about getting to the byline and crossing a superb ball in but hes got much more than doing just that and also,since carroll went, we dont rely on him doing that, we rely on him causing defences problems with his skilful play through them that gain us free kicks and potential penalties with him running at defences...7/10

joey barton....another player that has had a for most part ...great season.... he has been instrumental in many of our attacks and can pick a pass and when on his game can be a total thorn in the oppos side.....granted hes had a few stinkers, but that can be applied to the whole team......deffo been a major asset ...8/10

kevin nolan.....gets more stick than most, but has been a vital cog in this team and weighed in with his fair share of goals as well...nolan does a lot of stuff that gets unnoticed and people dont see how clever he really is in harrassing defenders and getting into positions many players dont bother thinking of......8/10

cheikh tiote......WOW what a signing, bargain of the season without a doubt....this lad in his first prem season has been a revelation and will be immense for us next season times it looks like his boots are velcro,the way he turns with the ball at his feet i think this lad will end up better than essien in time, because once he fully adapts and cuts out the silly bookings,i think he will add the final touches to his game and that is more of an attacking threat once we are in the ascendency and but for his bookings id have given him a 9and a half out of 10

ameobi......hmmmm what can i say......good/bad/frustrating/headscratching/lazy/strong/etc.....hard to describe his season, but over all lets just say,hes played his part in some games...annoyed me in others and made me question why hes even playing in others.....the fact he scored against sunderland ill afford him some credit.....and he has had some really good games where hes been strong and been a nuisance to defenders, but why cant he keep it up....why cant he have a little bit of consistency about him......hes a loyal player but if hes here next season, he has to be a sub and be told to expect to be a sub......5/10

peter lovenkrands....i feel a bit sorry for this lad because when hes been put in the team mostly, hes never had anything to work off and looks anonymous in many games due to that...when hes played ,hes tried his best and actually got into some great positions but for some reason he doesnt fill you with optimism does say hes had a fair season for the time hes played but nowt to write home about.....5/10

leon best......what a shame this lad go injured,because he was in a rich vein of form and could have cracked on if it wasnt for that......i know many fans crucified him on forums and way is he prem class......but i disagree...hes no rooney or van der vaart of course..but for me,hes got a lot to offer and i hope he stays and proves himself capable of doing a job for us which i believe he can in some capacity, whether he gets a regular first team berth will be down to who we sign, but i for one wouldnt be disappointed to see him paired up with a quality new striker ...7/10

shane, what do we have here in this kid.....hasnt played many games but the ones hes played in, hes never let us fact hes been brilliant for his age and size.......this lad is a star in the making and will(if we can keep him) be a major part of this team for years to come...hes class .......9/10

if ive missed anyone add them cos ive just ran these off the top of my head.........of course this is just my thoughts....whats your thoughts ?


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